22 Q's to Ask Your Realtor®

22 powerful questions to ask a real estate realtor® before you sign a listing contract to sell your home.


It’s likely that you don’t interview people very often. And yet, in order to find the REALTOR® who is right for you, you may interview several. The quality of your home selling experience is dependent upon your skill at selecting the person best qualified. It’s interesting that in the real estate business, someone with many successfully closed transactions usually COSTS THE SAME as someone who is inexperienced. Bringing that experience to bear on your transaction could mean a higher price at the negotiating table, selling in less time, and with the minimum amount of hassles.


The world is populated with REALTORS® who are wrong for you. For example, the housewife who sells an occasional house because she needs a little pocket change or the insurance salesman who believes he can handle two careers, or perhaps your cousin, who really needs your business.

The sale of your home could well be the most important financial transaction you have ever been involved with. The person you select can make it a satisfying and profitable activity, or a terrible experience. It’s your home and your money. The choice of your REALTOR® is up to you. Make the selection carefully.

Market Time VS. Selling Price


0 – 4 Weeks


4 – 12 Weeks


13 – 24 Weeks


24 – More Weeks

7 Advantages of Listing With a Realtor®

  1. Your time is valuable! Let me save you TIME!
  2. I’m likely to sell your home for MORE MONEY due to the greater exposure I offer (many sellers even NET more after our fee)!
  3. A 3rd party (REALTOR®) can obtain the prospect’s TRUE OPINIONS of your home and relay those comments to you!
  4. You’ll know the buyer is a QUALIFIED one, not just a looker!
  5. You don’t need to personally open up your home to STRANGERS!
  6. You can SAVE YOUR MONEY by not haveing to advertise your own home!
  7. You can be professionally represented by someone that can be held ACCOUNTABLE for all the details!

Why Use a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

There are over one million REALTORS® in business today. If you are searching for that one-in-a-million REALTOR®, look no further than your local CRS-designated professional. Only about 3% of REALTORS® hold the CRS designation today. As a member, CRS designees are held to a higher standard of professionalism. A CRS professional is typically more experienced, knowledgeable and committed than the average REALTOR® at helping the consumer get the most out of their real estate transaction.

“In this fast-paced marketplace, home buyers and sellers need more than just a REALTOR®,” said Toni Sherman of CRS. “Homebuyers and sellers need a professional with unique training and know-how to create opportunities, identify potential pitfalls upfront, and make the transaction an unqualified success. Homebuyers and sellers need a Certified Residential Specialist.” Sherman lists the following reasons that home buyers and sellers should work with a CRS professional:

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